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Tall women look gorgeous! Most people look at them and wish they had their height and their gorgeous long legs that seem to go on forever. But most people don’t understand the degree of difficulty these ladies experience in finding jeans and pants long enough to cover their ankles. Tall ladies spend endless hours trudging through shops putting pants up against them before even bothering to hit the changing rooms. In fact, tall women often don’t shop for jeans or pants, they have given up because of the endless disappointment they face in trying to find things that fit. These tall gorgeous “goddesses” take to having their clothing made by a local dressmaker or alternatively import their clothes from overseas, either way, creating a huge hole in lifestyle budgets! Tall women know that finding jeans long enough is very frustrating. That is why XtraLength has introduced ‘Suesi’ Jeans with inner leg lengths of 35″ to 39″! For the very TALL Lady. XtraLength is Perth’s only clothing retailer that specifically caters for the unique needs of gorgeously tall ladies, offering pants and the ‘Suesi’ jeans range for tall ladies who want to stand tall and feel confident.
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Welcome to our website that inspires you to believe that you can be tall and have fabulous clothing that fits too. Being tall myself, I have found clothing in department stores are aimed more at plus size or petite women. Finding stylish and affordable clothing for tall women that is longer in length but not in size has been a little more of a challenge to find. You would have to buy a larger size to get that extra length needed. Pants are a great example of this and so is long sleeved shirts/tops which are never quite long enough in length but especially not long enough in the arm length. So it's really exciting for find clothing that fits you so you don't look like a sack. We produce clothing under our own Long Tall Venus label which are all made in Australia with quality fabrics. We also stock clothing from other brands that are made here and overseas including our highly fashionable and great fitting premium denim jeans from LTB. There are now a few more choices of clothing for tall women which is great as we are always looking for different styles for different occassions. There are some fantastic places now with shoes in larger sizes which can then finish your outfit. We will be adding new products where possible so keep coming back to see what's new. Please let us know any suggestions for clothing that have been a challenge to find and we will do our best to see if we can help. We are based in Brisbane, Australia. Fashion should be fun for all shapes and sizes and I'm happy to see more out there for us tallies! Have a great day Sharon :)
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Extra long jeans section, up to 38 inch inseams.
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Vertically Blessed is Melbourne based Australian owned and operated company committed to producing quality and stylish garments for women 5'10" (178cm) and above. All our styles have longer leg length, longer body length and longer sleeve length. Our standard leg length is 36inch inseam, or close to 91cm. We stock our own Vertically Blessed label and are also beginning to stock other brands from both USA and Canada. Our full range is available at Pia Wear, which is located at Shop 19, North Ringwood Shopping Centre, Warrandyte Road Ringwood North, Vic, 3134. Tel: 03 9879 0027.
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Official Twitter of
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Ramblings of a tall girl living in Toronto. Follow the frustrations, fun and hilarity in this life and style blog.
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Your online store for extra long jeans in length 36 and 38 inch.
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Pett-Fashion is your specialist for extra long women's fashion.
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A directory of retailers who stock shoes for both men and women in large sizes.
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Beanstalk Apparel is an online clothing company that offers clothing with extra length without extra width. If you are tall and slim, or tall and athletic, Beanstalk garments are made to fit you! We have a great bamboo cotton t-shirt that is very soft and comfortable. You will look great and feel great wearing it!
(Clicks: 65; Listing has been added: May 17, 2013) Listing Details Report Broken  Listing is a UK site that sells modern, fashionable clothing and big shoes exclusively for tall men. We don't do big and tall - we do normal sizes with extra length in the legs and body, with our average customer standing 6'7" and plenty of guys 7 foot and above. We have the UK's largest range of jeans and chinos in tall and extra tall lengths (38 and 40 inch leg) plus tall shirts and tees, and footwear starting at size 13.
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Web store devoted to clothes for big and tall people. Tall sizes up to 12XLT. Many styles can be custom ordered to fit any size.
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Offering Satin Flannel Pajamas, Floor Length Bathrobes, Tall Sleepwear, Plus Size Big and Tall Caftans, Extra long mens womens Kaftans and Nightgowns, pants 32 to 38 inseam
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Dubbed one of the world’s sexiest athletes, former Women’s Beach Volleyball League star and fitness icon Gabrielle Reece, also known as Gabby, possesses a look that conveys both athleticism and feminine beauty. At 6’3”, Gabby is a dominate force on and off the pro beach volleyball circuit. Her commanding presence, passion for healthy living, and fitness expertise makes her a popular public speaker on the subjects of health and wellness. She routinely provides advice and guidance on fitness, nutrition, and active living, via An avid proponent of empowering people to take responsibility for their own health, plus truly authentic example of healthy living, Gabby has become a role model to women worldwide regarding how to achieve peak fitness, good health, and overall wellbeing for themselves and their entire family.

In spring of 2012, Gabby was recently invited to Washington, DC to speak at the annual TEDMED conference on innovations in health and medicine. Gabby also has an ongoing relationship with the American Heart Association Teaching Gardens, an initiative benefitting needy schools through the planting of organic gardens, by which she speaks to children about the importance of eating healthy and regular exercise (www.takepart/teachinggarden). Additionally, to further help reverse the growing obesity crisis, Gabby has recently collaborated with her husband (surfing legend Laid Hamilton) to develop, a website dedicated to providing comprehensive fitness, nutrition, and motivational support to anyone looking to achieve a personal transformation to a healthier lifestyle.

Passionate about fitness throughout her life, Gabby has released and produced her own health & fitness products: “Bell Express 15” Workout Kits, “Gabrielle Reece Fit & Healthy Prenatal Workouts” DVDs and “Gabrielle Reece: The Complete Fit & Healthy Pregnancy Workout” 2 DVD set. The “Bell Express 15” Workout Kits for time-crunched consumer. The “Gabrielle Reece Fit & Healthy Prenatal Workouts”, as well as the “Gabrielle Reece: The Complete Fit & Healthy Pregnancy Workout” covering all three trimesters and the three months post-partum. Workout kits and DVDs, as well as her book “Big Girl in the Middle”, can be found on Gabby’s fitness site and on

Gabby is also Nike’s first female athlete to design a shoe, and Nike’s first-ever female cross-training spokesperson. Working with Tinker Hatfield, designer of the Air Jordan, Nike Launched Gabby’s shoe the Air Trainer in 1994, the Air Patrol in 1995, the Air GR in 1997 and the Air GR II in 1998, her shoe eventually became the first women’s shoe to outsell the Air Jordan.

Gabby has most recently developed 48 functional training workouts specifically for women at These workouts are designed to assist with everyday living, and have been developed to progressively allow women to advance form a beginner level to high-intensity sports performance conditioning over 120 days. As part of an overall healthy lifestyle program, Gabby has also provided comprehensive nutrition guidelines to assist woman in maximizing their results from their fitness program. Both the functional workouts and nutrition guidelines are free services available at

Beyond Gabby’s own websites, her health and fitness tips have appeared in Shape magazine, Conde Nast’s magazine, and Elle magazine. She was also a monthly contributing editor to Yahoo Health for several years, and has written for “The Huffington Post” and the “Los Angeles Times Magazine”. Gabby will soon be a contributor to Sharecare, the leading question-and-answer platform that allows experts to answer health and wellness questions.

In addition to providing extensive magazine content, Gabby has hosted ‘Insider Training’ on the Fit TV/Discovery channel, where she provided an inside look at professional athletes’ exercise regimens and what they eat ( Gabby has also been a featured host of ESPN and NBC’s “Gravity Games”. Early in her television program hosting career, she won a huge following by taking risks road-lugging, white water kayaking, drag racing, surfing, and sky diving on “MTV Sports” and “The Extremists with Gabrielle Reece”, and she was a commentator at the 1998 Goodwill Games.
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Carolyn has ACE CEC’s in: 1.Pre & Post Natal Nutrition 2.Biomechanical Assessment 3.Golf Conditioning Specialist 4.Yoga-Pilates 5.Serve Safe Certificate and RD Sports Nutrition Work She works with elite and pro athletes, student-athletes, general public, mothers to be and those with goals to change their overall lifestyle choices. Carolyn can work with you and all of your athletes by phone, e-mail and Skype as well as live. Contact Carolyn with subject head “FITT4Life (subject- Nutrition, Training etc.). STATS 6’5” USA Basketball Gold Medal Jr. Olympics Brazil Championship B.A. Stanford FIBA/WNBA Pro player M.A. USC Health Communication Management (Masters Thesis: Prevention vs. Prescriptions) ACE Personal trainer, yoga instructor, nutrition consultant with CEC’s in Pre and post natal nutrition, fitness, biomechanical assessment, golf conditioning specialist, sport specific training and nutrition.
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