Best Cars for Tall People

Most cars are designed for people of average height. This means a tall driver or passenger will have to make sure their new car will fit their bodies.

Here is a guide, for each category of cars, about some of the more spacious cars on the market today.

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Cars for Tall People
Cars for Tall People

23 thoughts on “Best Cars for Tall People”

  1. I am currently looking for used car that I fit in, and so far the Ford Five Hundred, the Ford Fusion, and the Nissan Altima are the best fits so far. The Five Hundred was discontinued years ago but is very comfortable, even with the sunroof, and the newer Fusion and Altima are quite acceptable. I have yet to verify the older Fusion and Altima have the legroom of the newer models. I’m 6’3″ and have a long upper leg, so my knee sticks out quite a lot.

  2. I am having the same trouble, I need legroom.. I’m 6’6″ and I’m driving a Mazda 626 and it’s just to small especially when I have my work boots on

  3. Tall people are not evenly proportioned. As a result some need more headroom and some need more legroom. I need the headroom and find it almost impossible to find a vehicle that will accommodate my long torso and neck despite being less than 6’3″ tall. I am looking for a vehicle but totally frustrated. Nothing fits anymore.

  4. I have been on innumerable sites researching which cars will work for tall folks, I’m 6’8″. I have been very let down by the lack of commentary for some higher end vehicle choices so here goes. I LOVE LOVE LOVE my Audi A8L. My wife wrecked it and totalled it, she came out without a scratch, and I went right back and bought the same vehicle again. Even with the front seats all the way back, I could even sit in the back seat very comforatably.
    Also, I have looked for years on sites for recommendations for a luxury sports car. Here it is, the answer to the question. I hope this post finds someone who has been in my position. I bought a Maserati GranTurismo convertible! WOW!!! 40 INCHES OF HEADROOM WITH THE TOP UP!!! Where has this answer been?!!! I love it!!!! My 6′ wife loves it!!!

  5. I am 6’9″ tall and recently went shopping for a car. I read all the lists posted on the various internet sites regarding the best cars for tall people, and then I narrowed my list down to the top five cars I wanted to test drive. I was not happy with the legroom of any of these cars, even though they showed up on numerous lists for tall people. Then by accident I found the perfect car for tall people. This car was not on anybody’s list and yet it was far and away the best legroom and headroom of any car on the market. My 6’7″ son can even fit in the second row seats (sitting behind my wife, not me!) and my 5;9″ daughter is very comfortable behind me. The car? A GMC Terrain. No other car I sat in was even close!

    1. I absolutely love my Terrain. 6’4″ here. Very comfortable and the back seat allows any passengers to be comfortable as well.

    2. I had a client..blessed with size. 6’4 with some weight and structural frame to carry it. The Terrain, as you said, was perfect but his monthly did not suit his budget. I did some research and he, nor I, could believe what we found. A 2014 Hyundai Sonata. He laughed and didn’t want to get in it but I asked him to at least try. I read about it’s accommodating interior but didn’t believe it until he sat in it. Fit his size and his wallet. Good luck to all of you. Blessed and cursed at the same time. Peace.

  6. Honda Element. Not making them anymore but best car ever for big folk. Honda made a big mistake discontinuing.

    1. I agree, I’m 6’4 and own a Honda Element and have no problems, very roomy for four big guys. too bad they do not make them anymore.

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  8. I’m 6’10” tall and 380lbs. I like racing cars as well as working them. So a sports car is what I’m after. I do not like Jap junk cars and will never buy one. American born and I drive American. I can’t find a fun car to drive that I can get into or drive on a track. Any suggestions?

    1. You’re welcome to your opinion of course, but your post is full of so much fail that I can’t help but think you’re a troll.

    2. I would look into a Chevy Malibu; these cars along with the Buick Lacrosse and Ford Fusion have more than ample head and leg room for tall and big drivers and do not break the bank in maintenance costs. They are beginning to prevail over Asian mid size brands like the Camry, Sonata and Accord.

  9. Just went out car shopping. I am 6’4″. Suprised to find that all of the new Asian cars and suvs we tried have a raised seat on the passenger side. When you look out the front window, your eyes are even with the top of the windshield and visor.

    Tried the Prius and Prius V, same problem.

    Went over to Volkswagon, because, hey, the Germans are tall. Tried the GTI and Golf Wagon. These fit just fine.

    Love my current BMW X5 but the maintenance costs are killing us.

  10. 2007 civic si coupe is cramped and awkward to drive for 6 foot 3 inch so in advance do not buy a civic si head hits the ceiling kneecaps up to the steering wheel so yeah

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